Headline News December 2008                    ENUF NEWS ARCHIVE

Can You See? Are the Skies Brightening Over Ethiopia (Solidarity Movement 12/24/08)

Editorial: American View On Somali Crisis Shortsighted (Huffington Post 12/24/08)

Somali Islamists Must be Part of Peace Deal: Report (Reuters  12/24/08)

Major Foreign Policy Test Awaits Obama in Somalia (Christian Science Monitor 12/24/08)

Somali President to Resign, Officials Say (New York Times 12/24/08)

TPLF Pullout Opens Door for Somali Islamists (Africa Monitor 12/25/08)


Troubled African Union Somalia Mission Extended (12/23/08)

At Heroes Acre, Harare, Mugabe Defies U.S. Call For His Resignation (VOA 12/23/08)

Likud: Ethiopian Candidate Reinstated on Knesset Roster (YNET News 12/22/08)

Tiny Tribe Claim Ethiopian Allegiance in Border Row Between TPLF and EPLF (12/22/08)

Two Prominent Ethiopian Businessmen Commit Suicides in Addis Abeba (All Africa 12/22/08)


Gwynne Dyer

Ethiopia Will Back Off Somalia by Gwynne Dyer, New Vision 12/21/08  "The Darwin Awards commemorate very stupid people who did a service to human evolution by accidentally removing themselves from the gene pool. The statesman's equivalent could be called something like the Cheney-Zenawi Award."


Defeated TPLF Troops Venting Their Anger on Somali-Ethiopians: 'Killed Villagers' in Ogaden (BBC 12/22/08)

Disputed Ethiopia-Eritrea Border Town Still Stirs War Fears (Mail & Guardian 12/23/08)

Somalia, Congo, Burma Among Top 10 Crises (VOA  12/22/08)


Zimbabwe’s Mugabe Dismisses Washington’s Pronouncement (VOA 12/22/08)

IGAD Imposes Sanctions on Somalia Transition Government Head (BBC 12/21/08)

U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe’s Trips to Ethiopia Called a ‘Jesus Thing’: Faith Camouflaged to Prop-up Anti-Christ Marxist Tyrants (Oklahoman  12/21/08)

In Socialist Republic of Zimbabwe, Survival Lies in Scavenging (NYT  12/21/08)

Iranian Navy Joins Fight Against Somali Pirates (CNN  12/21/08)
TPLF/EPRDF Readies to Pull Mercenary Troops From Somalia (AFP  12/20/08)


ወያኔ ከሱማሌ ይወጣል ብሎ መገመት ወይም መሰል ድራማዎች መስራት  ያቆማል ብሎ ማሰብ የማይታለም ነው (ከሄኖክ ጉርሙ ታኅሣሥ 2001 ዓ.ም)

China to Deploy Ships off Somali to Protect Own Fleet (BBC  12/20/08)

TPLF/EPRDF to Free Its Own Ex-Premier and Zenawi Beer Buddy After 12 Years in Jail (AFP  12/19/08)

UN Arms Embargo on Somalia Constantly Broken (AFP  12/19/08)

Impeachment Proceedings Begun Against Somali Leader (Washington Post 12/18/08) Background: President Abdullahi Yusuf

Likud Disqualifies Ethiopian Candidate after He Won Parliamentary Election (Jerusalem Post  12/18/08)

Court Gives Rwandan Genocide Plotter Life in Prison: A Similar Fate Awaits Meles Zenawi and MLLT Terrorists (VOA 12/18/08)


Somalis Displeased With Zenawi Protégé Abdallahi Yusuf (VOA  12/17/08)

Kenya Moves Against Somali Leader Abdullahi Yusuf (BBC  12/17/08)

Somali President Names New Prime Minister  (VOA 12/16/08)

Somalia Transitional President Attempts to Oust Prime Minister (LAT 12/15/08)

UN Security Council to Debate Somali Disorder (Financial Times 12/15/08)

Somali Transitional President Sacks Prime Minister Nur Abdi (Reuters 12/14/08)

U.S. Will Push U.N. for Somalia Mission (Washington Post  12/14/08)


Remembering December 13th - Meles Zenawi's Security Force Massacre of 424 

Annuak in Gambella, Ethiopia (Annuak Justice Council PR 12/13/08)

Witnesses Say Meles Zenawi's TPLF Troops Kill 11 Somali Unarmed Civilians (AFP 12/13/08)

Meles Zenawi Denies Peace Talks with OLF: Says No Other Party Will Ever be Allowed to Take Over - Unless Subservient to His Supreme Rule Enshrined in the TPLF Constitution (Sudan Tribune 12/13/08)


Situation in Somalia Worsens (VOA 12/12/08)

Lancet Reports Dozens of Nations Inflated Vaccine Numbers: TPLF Regime Shot Up Its Vaccine Count by at Least 50%- No surprises, Meles and Tsehaye began their careers as guerrilla-bank robbers. (AP 12/12/08)


Meles Zenawi Declares AU Troops are Leaving Somalia and Asked Him to Cover Their Retreat (BBC  12/11/08)

Uganda and Burundi Troops Want out of Somalia - Meles Zenawi (IOL  12/11/08)

Meles Zenawi Admits Defeat in Somalia But Claims Victory Over Shaibia (TPLF News Agency 12/11/08)

US Resolution Circulated at UN to Take Somali Piracy Fight Inland (AFP  12/11/08)

Explosion Targets TPLF Troop Base in Ethiopia (Shabelle  12/10/08)

AU Pleads for UN Intervention for Somalia (VOA  12/10/08)

Ethiopian Refugees in US Torn Asunder in War, Then Peace (Washington Post  12/11/08)


Ethiopia's Oromo Face Increased Repression (World Politics Review 12/10/08)

Abuses Persist as UN Rights Declaration Turns 60 (AFP  12/10/08)

Universal Declaration of Human Rights Turns 60:  (VOA  12/10/08)

Human Rights Day is “Just Another Day of Suffering" in Somalia (IRIN 12/10/08)

Think Tank Report Says US Weapons Go to Nations Abusing Human Rights: TPLF's Regime Violates International Human Rights Law and Gets Showered With Funds, Arms and Training  (AP 12/10/08)

Web Tool Maps Congo Conflict: Patriots Must Replicate in Ethiopia to Expose Woyane (TPLF) Brutality in East Africa (BBC  12/10/08)


Human Rights Watch Berates West Over Somalia Failure (CNN  12/08/08)

War Crimes in Somalia Devastate Population: Outside Powers Exacerbate Crisis Through Failed Policies (Human Rights Watch  12/08/08) Read the Full Report: "So Much to Fear" (pdf)

TPLF's Occupation Army Sets Up New Bases in Somalia  (VOA  12/08/08)

TPLF Regime Changes Somalia Invasion Force Pullout Plan (Nation  12//7/08)


Ethiopia's Kebede Wins Fukuoka Marathon (AFP  12/07/08)

Meles Zenawi's Mercenary Troops Shell Mogadishu Market, Kill at Least 16 (Aljazeera  12/05/08)

Ethiopia's Biggest Pop Star Sentenced to Six Years in TPLF Court Sham Trial (Canadian Press  12/05/08)

Severe Malnutrition Among Indicators Leading to Famine (VOA  12/01/08)


The Tigrean People's Liberation Front's (TPLF) Somalia Dilemma: Zenawi's Threat to Leave Seen "as a Bluff to Elicit Funds From Western Countries Afraid of al-Shabab Entrenching Itself in Southern Somalia" (BBC  12/02/08)

Ethiopian Popular Musician Teddy Afro Convicted in 2006 Car Accident Case Fabricated by Meles Zenawi  (AFP  12/01/08) We Urge the Global Community to Condemn this Hideous TPLF Brutality and Demand an Unconditional Release of a Young Ethiopian Patriot.

Analyst Not Surprised by TPLF's Troop Pull Out From Somalia (VOA 12/01/08)

Meles Zenawi's Cabinet in Disarray Following Internal Turmoil (AllAfrica 12/01/08)

Development Bank of Ethiopia President's Head Rolls (AllAfrica 12/01/08)

The Link Between Ethno-Centric Minority Rule and Corruption: The Case of Ethiopia by Seid Hassan, Murray State University (November 24, 2008)



Somali Opposition Official Says AU Troops are Welcome in Somalia (HT 11/29/08)

Somalia's Transitional Government Fears Withdrawal of TPLF Troops (VOA 11/28/08)

Meles Zenawi to Withdraw TPLF Troops From Somalia by Year End (VOA 11/27/08)

Somalia: Analysis of a Failed State (Telegraph  11/18/08)

Meles Zenawi Admits Defeat of His Somalia Invasion Forces and Begs for Substitute Mercenaries to Cover His Tracks (Reuters  11/18/08)

TPLF Racists and Religious Extrimists Celebrate Ethiopia's Expulsion from FIFA (IHT  11/18/08)



Somali Government Says Weakened by Islamist Onslaught (Reuters  11/17/08)

Hardline Islamists Tighten Their Lethal Grip (Sunday Herald 11/17/08)

Flooding in Ethiopia kills 11, Maroons Hundreds (Reuters  11/17/08)

Somali Radical Islamists Capture Port Town (AP  11/16/08)

Somali Insurgents Whip Somalis for Dancing in Public  (ABC  11/16/08)


Ethiopia Elders Urge OLF Rebels to Negotiate with TPLF (Reuters 11/15/08)

Ethiopia’s Green Famine (Globalist  11/14/08)

Need for Aid Rises as Insurgents Reach Outskirts of Somali Capital (VOA 11/14/08)

Prehistoric Pelvis Hints at Early Human Development (11/14/08)

Somali Leaders Locked In Internal Dispute While Rebels Advance On Mogadishu (VOA 11/14/08)


Somali Islamist Militia Seizes Town Near Mogadishu (AP 11/13/08)

Thousands of Somalis Illegally Cross into Kenya (VOA 11/13/08)


Obama's Plans to Act Quickly on Climate Change (Guardian  11/13/08)

Ethiopia's Wolaita Zone Holds Its Breath for the Harvest (AP  11/12/08)

Islamist Fighters Take Over Key Somali Port (AFP  11/12/08)

Islamist Militants Capture Key Somali Port (VOA  11/12/08)

Sudan President Offers Ceasefire in Darfur (AP  11/12/08)

US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Backs Off Asset Plan (Reuters  11/13/08)


Jimma Times Interview with EU MP Ana Gomes (Jimma Times  11/11/08)

Officials Chopped from City Govt over Land Scandal (AllAfrica  11/11/08)

Hostility Against Somalis Rises in Hargeisa After Suicide Bombings (IRIN 11/10/08)


International Criminal Court Begins to Analyse Reports on Kenyan Post-election Violence  (Standard  11/11/08)


The Orphans Left Behind in Ethiopia (Canada  11/09/08)

Statement by Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement on the Arrest of its Secretary General by TPLF Security (Jimma Times  11/08/08)

Analyst Says Barack Obama in Unique Position to Address African Issues (VOA 11/07/08)

Barack Obama has Opened Up a New Door of Opportunity and Now We Must Move Ahead (Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia 11/06/08)

The Tigrean People's Liberation Front (TPLF) Regime  Issues Terror Warning (VOA 11/06/08)

Living History in Ethiopia by Melissa Burdick Harmon November 2008


Meles Zenawi's Tigrean People's Liberation Front (TPLF) Regime Arrests What it Claims are Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) Rebel Suspects, Tightens Security in Addis Abeba (Reuters  11/06/08)

TPLF/EPRDF Arrests 'Bomb Plotters' (BBC  11/06/08)

Christian, Muslim Leaders Vow to Combat Terror (Reuters  11/06/08)

Ethiopia Housemaid Falls Victim to Lust of Sponsor’s Kin, Friends (Arab Times  11/05/08)

No End in Sight for Drought-Hit Ethiopia, UN Aid Wing Says (UN  11/05/08)

The Recent TPLF Fundraising and the Diaspora's Foul Play  by Professor Seid Hassan - Murray State University, October 31, 2008


Barack Obama Elected the 44th President of the USA -Watch Obama Video (barackobama.com)

Obama Carries Heavy Burden After Landslide Win (AFP  11/05/08)

Barack Obama (Wikipedia.org)

Kenya Celebrates President-Elect Obama as Native Son (VOA  11/05/08)

Jubilation at Obama's Kenyan Home  (BBC  11/05/08)



Ethiopian Farmers Duped Into Growing Biofuel are Starving and Penniless (AFP  11/04/08)

TPLF/EPRDF Regime Arrests Opposition Leader OFDM General Secretary, Thugs Injure Journalist Amare Aregawi (Reuters  11/04/08)

Sudan Journalists on Mass Hunger Strike to Oppose State Censorship (AFP 11/04/08)

Nearly 40,000 Somalis and Ethiopians Attempt Gulf of Aden Crossing This Year- Hundreds Perish at Sea (VOA 11/04/08)

Legislation Threatens Human Rights in Ethiopia (Talk Radio News  11/03/08)

International Observers Witness U.S. Elections (VOA  11/04/08)


Son of Former Liberian Leader Convicted of Torture in US Court (VOA  10/31/08)

Command-and-Control  Economy Guru Meles Zenawi Bent on Pursuing Pathologically Moronic Policies but Ethiopians are Hungry for Solution to Farming Crisis       by Barney Jopson (Financial Times 10/30/08)

Q+A - Will Somalia Ever Enjoy Peace? (Reuters  10/30/08)


Suicide Blasts Kill at Least 25 in Somali Breakaway Regions (Canada  10/29/08)

5 Suicide Bomb Attacks Hit Somalia: At least 20 of the deaths had occurred at the Ethiopian office in Hargeisa. (New York Times  10/29/08)

TPLF/EPRDF Tyrants Blame Comrade Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed for Woyane Troop's Defeat and Withdrawal  (AFP 10/28/08)

Nineteen Including a Former Marathon Champion Killed in  Road Accident in Ethiopia (AFP  10/28/08)


Meles Zenawi Finds Escape Hole- Agrees to Somalia Pullback Deal (AFP 10/27/08)

TPLF/EPRDF  Agrees to Withdraw Troops From Somalia (Bloomberg  10/27/08)

Somali Islamists Say They Will Not Observe Peace Deal (Reuters  10/27/08)

Promised Land So Near Yet So Far for Ethiopia's Jews (Arab Times  10/27/08)

Christians Feud over Church of Holy Sepulcher (AP/Fox  10/25/08)

FEWS Ethiopia Food Security Alert, 23 Oct 2008 (Relief Web 10/23/08)

Ethiopian Journalists Detained and Charged by TPLF Police Over Fabricated Crimes (CPJ 10/23/08)


Yemen Detains Horn of Africa Refugees (VOA  10/22/08)

US Says Draft TPLF Regime NGO Law Would 'Close Political Space' (10/21/08)

Somali Opposition Leader 'Hopeful' for TPLF/EPRDF Withdrawal (Garowe 10/21/08)

TPLF Regime Risks £130 Million of British Aid by 'Hiding Famine' (Telegraph  10/17/08)

Ethiopia Faces Deteriorating Food Security, UN Warns (UN  10/17/08)

Case of Canadian Held in Ethiopia 'Hauntingly Reminiscent' of Khadr (Otawa 10/17/08)

Experts Say Obama, McCain Africa Policies Nearly Identical (VOA 10/17/08)


"Tigrean State" Boss Rejects Withdrawal Timetable from Somalia  and Eritrea (VOA  10/16/08)

Sudan's al-Bashir Begins Darfur Peace Conference, Without Rebels- What a Tragic Comedy (VOA  10/16/08)

UN Mission Monitoring Ethiopia-Eritrea Border Nearing Close- Last contingent, are expected to depart  by October 19, 2008 (UN  10/15/08) What next? Will the Tigrean and Eritrean neo-fascists make one more effort to pillage, plunder and burn Ethiopia to the ground and decimate the population through war and starvation or seek refuge in Bashir's Sudan.

UN Appeals for Aid as Number of Starvation Victims Keeps Growing in Ethiopia (UN  10/15/08)

Somali Violence Leaves 41 Dead (Press  10/15/08)

Somalian 'Ghost City' Wracked by Meles Zenawi's Tigrean People's Liberation Front (TPLF) Troops (BBC  10/06/08)

A Somali Influx Unsettles Latino Meatpackers in USA (NYT  1`0/15/08)

Malnourished Ethiopian child   VOA Photo


TPLF Politburo Defends Proposal to Criminalize Many Foreign NGO Activities

Eritrean Bereket Simon, a member of the TPLF/EPLF politburo says "if it [NGO] feels comfortable with the law, it can continue to work. If he does not feel comfortable, then we are not going to force them to work here." 

Narcissist Woyane tyrants would rather decimate the Ethiopian population than lose political power through the ballot box.


TPLF Begs for $265M  for worsening drought and starvation while stashing funds in its coffers, and passing repressive laws to silence NGOs and political opposition (AP  10/13/08)


TPLF/EPRDF Draft Law Threatens Civil Society in Ethiopia (Human Rights Watch  10/13/08)


MP Demands Inquiry Into 'British Interrogation of Detainees in Ethiopia' (Guardian  10/14/08)

Final UN Peacekeepers Leave Ethiopia (VOA  10/13/08)

Insurgents Attack African Union Troops in Mogadishu (VOA  10/13/08)

Crisis Underscores Potential World Lending Institution Role as Africa's Safety Guarantor  (VOA  10/13/08)

TPLF Invasion and Terror in Somalia Forces 100 Somali Migrants to Death Off Yemeni Coast (VOA 10/10/08)

Number of Hungry in Ethiopia Jumps to 6.4 Million-Oxfam (Reuters  10/09/08)

Millions of Ethiopia's Children Do Not Have Much to Eat, Are Staying Out of School (IRIN  10/09/08)


'The International Criminal Court's Chief Prosecutor Asks the Court to Issue an Arrest Warrant for Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir for Genocide Committed in Darfur (VOA 10/09/08)

Eyewitness Account 'of the Killing in Gambella (Anyuak Media  10/07/08)

Somali Shoppers Killed by Shells (BBC  10/07/08)

11 Civilians Killed in Mogadishu's 'Forgotten War' (AFP  10/06/08)


Meles Zenawi Under Pressure Releases Kenyan Terror Suspects- Tens of Thousands Ethiopian Political Prisoners Remain Incarcerated in TPLF Concentration Camps (AFP  10/04/08)

They Tortured Us in Ethiopian ‘Guantanamo’ Say Freed Kenyans: "And they were regularly beaten — often just for asking for water." (Nation  10/04/08)

Investigating 'Africa's Guantanamo' (BBC  10/01/08)


EPRDF Regime Hikes Petrol Prices  (AFP  10/04/08)

Unified Ethiopian Opposition Seeks Troop Withdrawal From Somalia: Or is it Providing Cover for Meles Zenawi's TPLF Terrorist Venture (VOA  10/02/08) 

U.S. Slams Travel Ban on Kenya's Elections Commission Members (10/03/08)


TPLF Sacks Ethiopia Somali Regional State President (APA  10/06/08)

Sacking of Disobedient Cronies by TPLF is Not New: Somali Regional State President Also Removed in 2003  (IRIN 07/23/03)

Beyond Clannishness and Colonialism: Understanding Political Disorder in Ethiopia's Somali Region, 1991–2004 by Tobias Hagmann  (10/24/05)


Human Rights Watch Confirms TPLF Regime's Torture of Illegally Held Political Prisoners (HRW  10/02/08)

Report Decries Ethiopia's 'Never-Never Land' of Prisoners (CNN 10/01/08)

Famished' Canadian Held in Ethiopia (National Post  10/02/08)

Rights Group Accuses TPLF of Keeping Detainees From 2007 (NYT  10/01/08)

EPRDF Regime Signs Exploration Deal for Afar Block (Reuters  10/02/08)


New U.S. Command in Africa Gets Chilly Reception (CNN  09/30/08)

Woyane Tyrants Plead for UN Rescue of Their Invasion Force in Somalia- Security Council Says Thank You, But No Thanks or Tanks (Reuters 09/29/08)

U.S. Says Hijacked Tank Cargo Bound for Sudan (Reuters  09/29/08)

Ethiopian Rebels Deny Responsibility for Taxi Terminal Bombing (Bloomberg 09/29/08)

Ethiopia Rebels Deny Being Behind Hotel Blast  (Reuters  09/29/08)

4 killed, 20 Injured in Eastern Ethiopia Explosion (Herald Tribune  09/28/08)

TPLF Regime Police Blames Islamist Group for Weekend Blast (AFP  09/27/08)


ANALYSIS-Insurgents Take Upper Hand in Somalia (Reuters  09/25/08)

Analysts Say Somalia Peace Deal Too Weak (VOA  09/24/08) An analyst says 

"The [Woyanes] are on the ropes. The TFG is incapable of defending itself. 

Consequences of it will be a consolidation of the Islamist insurgency on the ground.""

NGOs Fear for Human Rights Defenders in Ethiopia (Human Rights Tribune  09/25/08)

Human Rights Watch- World Report 2008: Ethiopia Events of 2007 (HRW 2008)



The living skeleton of a Somali man in Ogaden  PR-Inside Photo     A stark evidence of TPLF and Meles Zenawi Tyranny and Terror

Soaring Food Costs Force Ethiopian Children Out of School  (Telegraph  09/20/08)

Ethiopian Needy 'Not Getting Aid' (BBC  09/19/08)   

Aid to Ethiopia Never Appears to Reach It's Intended target: Ethiopia Starving Somalis (PR-Inside 09/19/08)

Ethiopian Rebels Call for Ogaden Aid Corridor (Reuters  09/19/08)

UN Says Drought Worsening in Ethiopian Restive Region (AFP 09/16/08)

Former Liberian President Taylor's Son's Trial to Begin Monday in Florida, USA (VOA  09/22/08)                                                                                                                                                               

The Golden Age of Ethiopian Music- HAPPY NEW YEAR 2001

Mulatu Astatke: The father of Ethio-jazz

Getachew Mekurya: The legendary saxophonist  Photo by Tom Beetz

The Ex and Getatchew Mekuria and Guests (YouTube Video)

Gétatchèw Mèkurya The Ex Rocking New York City (Amateur Video)

Fano by Kassa Tessema

The Millennium Generation Pays Tribute to Ethiopia

Tewodros Kassahun Gallant Son of Ethiopia and Meles Zenawi's Political Prisoner

Akal Gella by Muluken Meles

More Ethiopian Music at www.fettan.com

Ethiopia Unveils 1700 Year-old Ancient Obelisk: An Embarrassment to Meles 

Zenawi and Chronis Who Claim Ethiopia Was Created Less Than 100 Years Ago (BBC  09/04/08)

Ethiopia’s Opposition Parties Reject Woyane Claim of Controlling Drought (Sudan Tribune  09/07/08)  

Watch this video for reality check that demonstrates that Meles Zenawi is a pathological lair. 

United Nation's New Appeal for Ethiopia (BBC video 09/03/08)                   

Press Release: Where Do We Go From Here? (Committee for the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia  09/05/08)

Video Parlour Blast Kills Four in Ethiopia (BBC  09/03/08)                                              

Meles Zenawi is Prepared To Cut And Run Out Of Somalia (VOA 08/31/08)   

FIFA Cancels Ethiopia Verses Morocco Match (BBC  08/29/08)

Two Months of Rain But Still Not Enough to Eat (IRIN  08/29/08)

WOYANE Economic Pipe Dream Busted: Meles Zenawi's "Spectacular Success in Agriculture" is a fantasy concocted only at Dedebit. TPLF Regime Targets $2.5 billion of Exports in 2008/09 (Reuters  08/22/08) "Ethiopia's import bill was $4.7 billion in 2007/08. In the year before that, the country earned $1.2 billion from exports but paid $3.9 billion for imports ranging from industrial machines to oil." 

Over 76,000 People in Southern Ethiopia Now Need Emergency Food Aid (VOA  08/20/08)