Downloading Instruction:

1. Download Now   (This is a zipped/compressed file containing 21 fonts)
2. Save the file to your desktop    
3. Now Unzip/Extract the files out of the downloaded folder   (If you need a Zip-Extraction /Compression software, get the free beta from Win Zip)
4. Now open the Unzipped folder "AmharicFonts" and copy all the contents inside.   (If they are extracted/Unzipped properly you'll see the marking "TT" on the fonts, if not that means the files have not been extracted/Unzipped)
5. Paste these into your "FONTS" folder found in your Control Panel. Before pasting the files, make sure you open the "FONTS' folder  

(To get to your control panel, first go to 'START' then 'CONTROL PANEL'; if you have Windows 98, 2000 then go to 'START', 'SETTINGS' then 'CONTROL PANEL')

6. Now you'll be able to view the Amharic part of the site.    


Although Amharic websites are a reality most Amharic speaking internet users do not have the necessary fonts and tools to visit these sites. And to make the task even harder there are currently more than 10 companies/entities working on Amharic software solutions therefore there is no one standard to follow.

We chose to provide a few fonts here because some parts of the page uses legacy fonts, and other parts use current innovative unicode fonts. Please download all of them, they have all been screened and cleaned of virus.



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