- Audit by Dr. Desta & Ojulu - pdf file

Dear Dr. Desta Damtew and Ojulu Odiel (Ojulu Tokon too),

You never stop from making false statements even now!!!
You were e-mailed and summoned, many times through out the year and including a day before the UEDF's Extra-ordinary meeting. You were requested to attend and participate in the Inspection & Audit Committee's meetings scheduled for discussions with Dr. Beyene Petros, Dr. Merera Gudina, Fassika Belette and Meto-Aleka Ayalsew. You ignored to either call and or attend, as usual. Other responsible folks, who helped in performing their duties, and myself  were present. Again, I advise you to read UEDF's Bylaws, Article 6.11, in its entirety. When you failed to perform, other competentcaring and patriotic Ethiopians stepped in to lend their hands and had gathered all factual data necessary to complete the Inspection & Audit Report. Also, keep in mind that these individuals were eye-witnesses to the facts. You opted not to work - what was that for? Afraid not to uphold the facts to challenge the UEDF Exec. Committee to take proper & corrective measures in our combined struggle or is it to help cover up the facts and to deceive the People of Ethiopia?
Dr. Desta, you told me as long as I am handling it you were comfortable, comfortable when silent and not comfortable when the facts are being presented? You habitually never responded to any of my phone calls and my e-mails, thus demonstrating your indifferences to the responsibilities you were elected to. You should not accept such responsibilities since you intend not to perform.
The question is not whether you were briefed on any of the Report, since you ignored your responsibilities and thus refused to work or perform and or respond to any of the correspondence e-mailed to you through out the year, up until and including the last Extra-Ordinary Meeting. The question should then be DOES THE REPORT STATE THE FACTS? WE HAVE THE EVIDENCE, YES IT DOES!!! The facts were presented and the only question should be if any of it is not supported by proper documentation and other evidence. The UEDF member organizations and the People of Ethiopia need to know the facts and stop being lied to.
Since you HAVE never performed in the Audit & Inspection Committee, be advised that you STAY AWAY FROM MAKING ANY additional cover up and or more ill intended mistakes. You have no authority and or any truth in saying  "the report does not ....represent the former Audit & Inspection Committee". The truth is the Report represented the facts!. I was the Chairman & others have worked very hard in the Inspection & Audit Committee. Since you did not work or attend any of our meetings you don't know them and you have no knowledge of the facts and if you knew any of the evidence, you have been and you are continuing to cover up!!!
You should have asked to examine the evidence before dismissing the contents of the Report. The Report upholds the facts!!! The Report is written by those of us who worked very hard through out the year and we have now delivered the facts to the member organizations of UEDF and to the People of Ethiopia.
As you say, if any "reasonable people ask" you "to clarify the Report", tell them the truth >>> that you never worked on the responsibilities you had accepted and that they should ask us. You and those alike who accept positions of responsibilities, but never perform should be honest enough to decline from accepting any post, now and in the future!!!
It is high time that you learn to live by telling and practicing the truth! You have to do this now, the People of Ethiopia now know who is telling them the facts!

Kitaw Ejigu, Ph. D.

Chairman, 1st. Year's UEDF Audit & Inspection Committee

Chairman, ENUF

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